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                                  IT'S TIME TO SLEEP, BUT I CAN'T...DARN IT...THIS IS MISERABLE!

It's bedtime, but...you cannot drift off to sleep like the delightful mother and child pictured above. Why? Because you cannot turn off your conscious mind. It is worried about paying the rent, having the car repaired...possibly some loved one's health.  Insomnia, sleep disorders, excessive dreaming or simply a problem with falling asleep much longer after "hitting the hay", all stem from the conscious mind racing and not allowing  the mind to settle into an Alpha or Delta state.  Through sessions of hypnotherapy, the  subconscious mind will override the conscious mind your the lights will go out at "bedtime".

  Insomnia can be one of the most frustrating plagues one has to deal with, especially if it is persistent...s one function on little or no sleep?  Sleep is very important to clean out and refresh one's mind. It is the very health of the mind and body that are at stake if proper sleep is not achieved.  The hypnotherapist can plant post hypnotic suggestions into your subconscious mind so that when you are ready to call it quits for the day, you can call upon that post hypnotic suggestion and YOU WILL fall asleep.  Relaxation and "sleep like" modes is what hypnotherapy is all about. All people can be hypnotized, which also means that everyone can sleep. There is a very high success rate for curing insomnia and various sleeping disorders through hypnotherapy. Once again, if you are serious about it, and see the therapist twice a week for one month, AND do your homework...one month and you will be sleeping like the baby in the picture. As stated before, if you are very busy and cannot see the therapist at least once a week and do all your homework, then it could take longer...but not forever like other treatments, or drugs that work for a few weeks, then they lose their effectiveness. Hypnotherapy  (You are getting sleepy, your eyelids are getting heavy), can train your brain to relax and let go, to quit ruminating and go to sleep. It works. It's very real and very effective.