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Memory Regression

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  Sometimes  memories seem as though time has erased them. Through Regression, many details can be retrieved, just like finding things on the hard drive of a computer. Your subconscious mind stores every event, name, place, face and name that you have ever encountered. Memory Regression is sometimes used in Police work to recover license plate numbers, names or faces that are involved in a crime. The information retrieved through hypnosis cannot be used as evidence in a court, however the regression information can give leads to solving a crime and then a case can be presented in court.

  Besides Police work, memory regression can be use to remember certain events that have occurred in one's life that one desires to have a better recollection of. The same principles of Hypnosis that are used for any other situation are employed in memory regression. You may be able to recall everything desired in one visit, or it may take one or two visits a week with daily reviews, at home, of the session for at least 21 days to accomplish satisfactory recollections.