Hypnotherapy of Hilton Head

Experience Real Clinical Hypnotheray
As seen on Psychology Today!

           Hypnotherapy of Hilton Head 

You will receive compassionate, professional hypnosis sessions from Brad Nelson, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. You will be in a comfortable, yet professional environment. We serve Hilton Head, Bluffton, SC and Savannah, GA. Of course, you can take advantage of our International Telephone Sessions from anywhere in the world...click on Services from the Home page.


Hypnosis is a simple process wherein the hypnotist is communicating with your subconscious mind. The hypnotist will determine, through consultation, what type of hypnosis is best suited for you and your situation. Your imagination will be involved. Albert Einstein's most famous quote is this,

"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." He used his imagination to begin his theory of relativity. The imagination is very powerful.

Each session lasts one hour. You will be awake the entire time and aware of all that is going on. Unlike some types of therapy and psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy does not take years of constant visits. Usually, if the client cooperates with a 30 day program, seeing the Therapist once or twice a week during the 30 days, most problems can be taken care of in one month. Of course many people live very busy lives and need to extend their visits because of a lack of time to do some of the healing work at home. You should leave each session feeling relaxed, invigorated and confident! Give it a try, it's painless, comforting and has a high success rate.

Through Hypnosis you will be guided into helping yourself to eliminate unwanted habits or feelings and create new and lasting positive ones.

Although we do not prescribe medications or make any recommendations about changes to what your MD has currently prescribed to you, we can, however, discuss any known negative medication side effects that may appear to be hindering you from your goals. You will be recommended to visit your Physician and discuss the situation with them. This important factor, I believe, helps to involve Hypnosis of Hilton Head into your entire well being.

Why us?

If you have habits that you would like to eliminate permanently, or dealing with any unpleasant issues that are taking away from the quality of your life, consider hypnotherapy for the following: 

* Stop smoking


*Lose Weight by changing your eating habits.


* Stop texting while driving

*Stop drinking, and we will help you

with any legal problems you may have incurred. 

*Improve Sports Performance  in golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming, football or any other sport. Hypnosis 

can help you to gain focus and improve your abilities.  Many professional sports figures use hypnosis to improve their game. 

*Musicians, singers, speakers, actors, or anybody in the performing arts can benefit from learning to focus and lose apprehensions. 

 Obviously, you must desire to make changes in your life.  No one in any profession can make you do something against your will.

Whatever your desire is, hypnosis can help you to help yourself, to overcome bad habits,  or fears, anxieties, etc, that you wish to change.  It can help you to improve upon things that you want included in your life.  If you need help from an MD you will be referred immediately to your own Physician or another MD.                  

-Brad Nelson-